Delphos Model 1

Welcome to Delphos, the music generator for professionals. It is a creator-friendly tool that learns and scales ethically. Head over to the Generator to start building your first tracks. Please sign in to use our service.

Current Status

This is the first public release of Delphos Model 1. It features numerous soundworlds that you can use to generate tracks, stems and midi. Some of these are free for everyone to use but please be aware that the outputs are not royalty free. Commercial usage rights is a feature we will be adding soon. It is possible to create and host your own soundworld on the Delphos platform. Please get in contact to find out more.


In a nutshell, a soundworld is a private music AI trained on one musician’s data. You can direct it to produce music according to a tempo, form or chord progression of your choosing. You can find out more about soundworlds here.

Getting in contact

You may reach customer support at [email protected]. Connect with us on social media too.